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Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

21/08/2014 20:05
The club started with the welcome speech by Davidson Paul manuel of class IX.VII girls gave speech about body language.The next event was a skit on negative body language was performed by VII Girls.Then there was a Dumb Charades game was conducted by Sylesh,Aashiq,lokesh of class IX.VII Boys...

Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

21/08/2014 19:55
TOPIC:LIFE HISTORY OF INDIAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS The club started with a drama on Life History of Velu Naachiyar was performed by VII and IX students.Then there was a another drama on life history of Veera Pandia Katta Bomman was done by IX boys .The next event was a game conducted by VII...

Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

19/08/2014 21:32
TOPIC: Adulteration of Food   The first session was information talk by Soumya mitra and Iswarya of Class VIII.The next session was Awareness Program on topic by all the members of food club.Then there was a skit by VI Boys.The next event was Quiz Time conducted by VI girls.

Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

19/08/2014 20:46
TOPIC: INDIAN CULTURE Vs WESTERN CULTURE   The students of our club wore colourful costumes based on different cultures like Scottish Culture by VI boys,Kerala Culture by Nivetha and Vidhya of class IX,Bengali Culture by VII girls,Irish Culture by VI boys,Punjabi & Gujarati Culture by...

Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

19/08/2014 19:45
Our first event was "Celebration of Independence Day".Students dressed up in Mahatma Gandhi & SubashChandra Bose's attire and gave speech about the two great leaders.Then,we gave a speech on "India is my Pride" and "Role of Students in Independent India".In "Great Event" event,we asked many...

Summary of the event on 16-08-2014

19/08/2014 19:38
In Eco Club,we told Students the importance of trees in our day to day life.Through a skit we explained about planting trees and gardening can be a lot of fun!.Then,we went on a school ralley and planted saplings around our school,more eco-friendly.

68th Independence Day Celebration

17/08/2014 15:52
In our school,we had celebrated the 68th INDEPENDENCE DAY with Prayer Song,the Flag flying with the pride,the Patriotic speech by our Students.Students won prizes in various competitions like Elocution,Essay Writing,Drawing.Children enjoyed the freedom by sharing sweets to each...

Circus Visit

16/08/2014 14:14
Class III and Class IV students had visited the METRO CIRCUS on 12th august. Click PhotoArchives to view photos.

Inter School Competition-Kudankulam

13/08/2014 21:26
Our School Students had participated in Inter School Competition conducted by Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant held at Thamirabharani Engineering College,Tirunelveli on 8th August.Omkar Krishnan of class VI grabbed the first prize in Science Exhibition and Mehrun halidha of class VIII grabbed...

Summary of the event on 02-08-2014

12/08/2014 20:46
TOPIC: Listening Skills   Students had explained about the importance of listening skills.Then there was a memory game conducted by the club members.  
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