Rose Mary Educational Society’s dreams of creating a “school of exacting standards” in Tirunelveli became a reality in 1994.

An idea was drafted that entailed combining forces with nursery school to create a school of academic excellence, dedication to the cultivation of leadership, commitment to the teaching of moral and spiritual values, and availability of this high caliber education to much needed young minds.

And so Rose Mary Model was born for nurturing a holistic education for students in the heart of Tirunelveli city and recognized by the government in the year 2002.

At first 23 students filed into Rose Mary Model School. It started to operate with 4 dedicated teachers.

Today, Rose Mary Model boasts 907 gifted students with 50 teaching faculty and 14 non-teaching faculty.

Although the school’s size has grown, the number of students per classroom remains small, in alignment with the founders’ original ideals of an individualized development of the “whole person”.

The teacher student ratio is 1: 25.

The school is constantly growing academically and technologically.

The eminent personalities involved in nurturing the school are

●  Mr.Jeyaraj - Chairman and Founder

● Mrs.Veronica Jeyaraj - Correspondent RMS

● Mr.Jairus - Director

● Mrs. Suchitra Jairus - Correspondent RMMS

Today Rose Mary Model is preparing its buds to face the challenging future with a well drafted curriculum to create a wholesome environment and impart education that includes life skills, information and wisdom that facilitates them to blossom into confident Individuals.

With a strong academic base, we also focus on all round development through a balanced program.

The motto of our school is BLESS US TO BE A BLESSING.